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Granulated Honey 4oz glass jars

Granulated Honey 4oz glass jars

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  • Packaging glass for longer shelf life and to be recycled.

These little grains of honey are the add-ins your food has been missing!

Sprinkle these crystals in your hot or cold drinks for a little extra sweetness or rehydrate for real, smooth honey.

Our Honey Crystals can be used as facial scrubs just add a little to your cleansers and enjoy clear and smooth skin.

The honey Crystals can also be used as marinades for meat, or as a sugar substitute in coffee, baked goods, and other recipes. Also, enjoy the sweetness with lesser calories

Packaged to store for 30 years, these Honey Crystals will be just as delicious now as they will down the road. Keep them to use as a backup or incorporate them into your drinks, cooking, and baking today!


*Shelf life up to 30 years and stored in a cool, dry place.

The best substitute for sugar with fewer calories.

Add a touch of healthy sweetness to any dish with a sprinkling of honey



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100% Natural and Organic


Allergens to be posted on launch date


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